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It all began with our love of cookies

Our love of bakery started early on, as two naughty brothers chomping bags of cookies between classes. But then those kids grew up. We realised bakery is not that good for you…

So we spent two years in our mum’s kitchen experimenting. The result? The ultimate bakery treat – one that lets you treat yourself right.

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The future of healthy bakery.

We’ve started a party for your tastebuds, without the hangover.

With 90% less sugar than regular cookies, JNCK Bakery treats are packed with protein and high in fibre. You can enjoy anytime out the packet, but we recommend warming them up for a luxury, melt-in-your-mouth eating experience.

Treat yourself right.

Indulge your inner child with glorious, gooey cookies – but in a way that vibes with your adult lifestyle.