Why Jnck?

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Why Jnck?

The UK is in a health crisis. Two thirds of us are overweight or obese, with the average Brit eating 500 calories more than they need, every day3.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t trying! In fact over half of us look for a ‘healthy’ snack when that craving for a treat kicks in. So what’s the problem? Well – check the stats we’ve provided and we’ll let you do the maths…

This conundrum got us thinking, researching, baking, researching, baking… Until we finally made some real magic. Healthy cookies that taste like the real deal.

So from simply wanting to eat, live and laugh as much as we want, we found a mission. To make life a bit better for everyone in the simplest and most delicious way possible. A freshly baked cookie that ticks the health box.

90% less sugar

But a sweeter deal

Standard cookie

Jnck cookie

28 g of sugar


Us Brits have an addiction to sweetness. In the UK we take the recommended allowance of sugar and consume three times more than that, every single day.4 If you think it’s coincidental that the rise in sugar consumption is linked to the rise in obesity, you’d be wrong.

So if your average cookie has about 28g of sugar, how do we keep our guys so sweet? Look no further than sweetcorn, we use their naturally sweet fibres to replace the sugar. This golden secret is the reason Jnck cookies have 95% less sugar than the standard. It also boosts fibre in a big way… more on that shortly.

Full of fibre

9x the fibre
(of a standard cookie)


Did you know that only 9% of us eat enough fibre daily5?

Apart from keeping your system (ahem) regular, studies show that fibre has a raft of benefits, including keeping your brain happy. But in the UK, our gut instincts are way off. Only 9% of us eat enough fibre daily5, which didn’t sit well with us.

“Eat a cookie everyday!” (said no-one ever). But if you were to have a Jnck cookie as part of your usual diet, you’d be getting enough daily fibre in.

Sceptical? Let’s break it down. Ideally we’d all be eating around 30g of fibre a day, but the average adult is only reaching 19g. So we’ve included 10g of prebiotic fibre in every cookie, bringing you up to that recommended daily hit.

And let’s be clear, you could get another ten grams of fibre from one apple, one banana, a bowl of porridge and a few broccoli florets. Life is busy though and the occasional treat should help you feel good!

Pea protein power

3x the protein
(of a standard cookie)


Cravings are the worst. Which is why we’ve included 8 grams of protein in each cookie. The good news is this will make you feel fuller for longer.. no more (re)reaching into that cookie jar!  Yes you can scratch that itch and still feel smug about your life choices.

And we thought hard about the protein we used..

Pea protein makes you full-filled because it keeps us and our planet strong. With a low carbon and water footprint, it’s a crop that keeps the planet cool. Peas also help fertilise the earth under your feet, putting nitrogen back into the soil so plants can flourish.

Love heart

35% less saturated fat


We’re all lovers of sweet baked goods, but it’s a toxic relationship. Cookies, cakes, donuts – you name it – are full of saturated fat. In the road to making delicious treats it’s another evil we realised you didn’t need.

So we bake with rapeseed oil instead of butter. This trims the saturates by over a third  so you can feel good about your heart, alongside everything else!

Here’s to a ‘heart’ relationship with cookies.

No to palm oil

We are the first freshly baked brand to make a stand