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Have your cookie
and eat it.

Award-winning cookies with 90% less sugar.

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Treat yourself right.

Packed with protein and fibre to reward you and your tastebuds.

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Freshly baked feel good.

We want you to feel 100% when you treat yourself.

We’ve got zero time for guilty binges or worse, those ‘pro-ganic-hemp-onola’ bars (you might as well eat a mouthful of soil).

So here at Jnck Bakery we’ve made it our mission to create fresh, indulgent treats that are both healthy & sustainable.

We’ve baked fresh, chewy cookies that are nutritionally enhanced and totally de-junked.

How exactly?

The proof is in the pudding...

Some of our recent awards:

“Life’s about balance & Jnck Bakery cookies make it so much easier to enjoy that sweet treat, guilt free!”


The cookie everyone is talking about!

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